Aircraft interior products

Aircraft interiors sum up everything about our production of design models

Aircraft interior productsAt Shin-ei Sha, we manufacture seats used in First Class, by which the rank of an airline is often judged, as well as producing design models. We also handle the small-lot manufacture of aircraft interior items. Our technologies are held in high regard by numerous world-famous airline companies. We are becoming increasingly well known for the quality of our aircraft interior items. First Class offers the finest in-flight services, and all airline companies know exactly the kind of seats they want. Our technicians, who are equally uncompromising, capitalize on the experience and technologies they have built thus far to create products that satisfy even the most discerning customers.

The technologies specific to Shin-ei Sha that have made inroads into the aircraft sector

From the production of design models for airplane seats and fixtures, to the manufacture of various types of parts and components

We began producing design models for aircraft interior items in 2003. We currently respond to requests from airline companies to produce design models for seats and fixtures, as well as to manufacture the actual seats. Our refined manufacturing philosophy is put to use in producing interior items used by the world’s leading airline companies.

Aircraft interior products