Production of railway-related models, and manufacture of products

For customers, this is an important component. We respond flexibly to any and all requests.

Railway-related ProductsOur mainstay business is the production of design models for aircraft, the manufacture of airplane parts and products, production of design models for automobiles, and the manufacture of automotive parts and components. Likewise, in the railway-related sector, we produce design models for railway cars, and manufacture models for station signboards and fixtures, as well as other small-lot parts. We first accepted a request by a transport business company in 2003, and since then, the area we are asked to handle has expanded year by year, showing that our technologies are highly regarded by a growing number of enterprises. We predict that our business in the railway sector will grow even further. We will work every day to enhance our technologies, and to manufacture products that exceed what our customers expect.

Signboards used in railway cars and stations, as well as fixtures

International sales of trains, station signboards, and fixtures have begun in the railway sector

Japanese railway technologies, said to be world-beating, are increasingly being exported. Perhaps because of the growing move toward ecological soundness, Japanese companies are making daily efforts to develop new-type train cars. At Shin-ei Sha, we are applying our aircraft technologies to the railway sector. By employing our technological capabilities, which are a step ahead of other companies in this sector as well, we are committed to faithfully translating into reality the ideas and hopes of our clients, and to manufacturing products that satisfy them.

Production of railway-related models, and manufacture of products