Automotive interior models

Production of automotive interior models: more faithful than the real thing?

Production of models for car interior itemsAutomotive Interior models Japan’s automotive industry competes to clinch the world’s top position. The quality of products made by Japanese carmakers is recognized globally. Before a car is sold to the consumer, a variety of prototypes are produced, for which companies demand state-of-the-art finishes, at the development stage, especially for design models, interior models and exterior models. We are consistently asked to show an extremely high level of craftsmanship to re-create the exact shape, line and color that the clients want. Our technological strengths must meet these requirements to satisfy our clients. It is said that a model “must be more faithful than the real product.” We are fully aware that the production of models allows absolutely no compromises as to their finish.

We cope with the manufacture of diverse car models, and production of parts and components

Production of scale models for interior and exterior items

At Shin-ei Sha, we meet customers’ requests to produce all models imaginable, from car exterior to interior items. A completed car comprises thousands of small parts, and manufacturers are extraordinarily particular about each and every component to create the world’s finest cars. We faithfully re-create these models as scale models. The technologies we have fostered through the production of these automotive models are the foundation of our current skills in manufacturing airplane seats and parts.

Production of models, from foamed to hard types

We take on board what the clients require and envisage, and propose making models that use the best methods and the finest materials. By making comprehensive evaluations of all areas, including the materials to be used, the production method, cost and the production period, etc., we are able to manufacture the products under a set of conditions of which the clients will approve. We are happy to respond to requests for producing all sorts of models, from foamed to hard types.

Production of models for car interior items