Our services

We offer a completely integrated service, from production of design models and working models, to various types of coating.

We use high-performance machines and advanced processing technologies to offer models that are needed to develop industrial products. Besides creating models chiefly by machine processing, we always try to come up with fresh ideas and make interesting new proposals. We hope to utilize our craftsmen’s skills, which are based on more than half a century of accumulated expertise, to meet our customers’ requirements with precision and understanding, to develop exactly the products they envisage, and to contribute to their business as well as to society at large.

Our services

  1. From CAD and CAM, to processing, small-lot production, coating processes and silkscreen printing, we respond quickly and nimbly, using our integrated production equipment. Our joint production setup with cooperating companies allows us to expedite the product development process to create and deliver mockups and small-lot products that feature high functionality and quality.
  2. 2. Half of our technicians, who began their careers by coating various mockups, are engaged in the decoration process. They are consistently refining their techniques using coating, and are able to propose different types of textures. The colors and textures that customers have in mind are processed as images inside our dedicated color-mixing room. They are immediately coated using spray guns, and provided as samples for the consideration of our customers.
  3. We handle products covering all sectors imaginable, from appliances, personal computers and communications equipment, to cars, aircraft and industrial equipment. We operate the 1/1 Design Studio for cars, as well as facilities for handling aircraft products.
  4. As for materials used for processing, we can work with plastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) copolymers, and acrylic, as well as metals, wood-based materials, chemical woods, and foam materials. We also use carbon fiber and fiber-reinforced polymers, etc., that combine light weight with high rigidity. For cast modeling, on the other hand, we can deal with a variety of materials such as ABS-like materials, PP-like materials, transparent materials, elastomers (runners), and V-0 grade fireproof materials.

Production of industrial models
Production of industrial modelsWe currently manufacture design models for automobiles, as well as a wide variety of electrical appliances, ranging from large refrigerators to vacuum cleaners and irons. Our advanced technologies are highly reputed, and have generated a growing number of requests to create design models for products other than appliances, typical examples of which are violins and pianos. Other than these, requests for manufacturing design models for communications equipment and personal computers have risen dramatically over the past few years. Because they are prototypes, they must be high in quality. Our craftsmen will generously and uncompromisingly apply their exceptional skills to help give shape to customers’ ideas. 

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Aircraft, automobile and railroad
Aircraft, automobiles, and railroadsThe aircraft, automobile and railroad sectors are becoming one of Shin-ei Sha’s key areas of expertise. Our leading accomplishment in this department is the manufacture of First Class airplane seats as well as other component parts. We made inroads into the aircraft sector in 2003, and have since liberally invested in this area the technologies we have gained in manufacturing design models for cars and appliances. Since then, we have been producing everything from products such as First Class seats to fixtures for some of the world’s leading airline companies. We receive high-level orders not only from car manufacturers to produce models of car interior items, but also from railway companies to manufacture train cars, fixtures and station signboards.

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Special technologies
Special technologiesIn the production of industrial design models and manufacture of models and parts for aircraft, cars and railroads, one process which commonly calls for sophisticated technologies is coatings. This is an area whose technologies we have continued to improve since the establishment of our company; it is also our biggest selling point. Our silver mirror coatings, a special technology in this field, are drawing growing attention. Our specialized craftsmen are fully capable of handling this technique, as well as other special types of coating, including pebble, wood grain, and marble patterns. In the processing of carbon fiber, a sturdy and lightweight fiber material that is now a major focus of attention, we possess processing technologies that give us a distinct edge over other companies.

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