Production of working models

A working model faithfully visualizes internal mechanisms that may reveal further technical challenges

Working modelsThe easiest way to understand the difference between a design model and a working model is that, if the former is regarded as a product’s outward appearance, then the latter is the inside of the product. This corresponds to the so-called mechanical part. However, the content of this mechanism is the product’s heart and the core. If this core portion is designed in the wrong way, the damage created might be immeasurable. Our technicians are therefore acutely aware of the importance of a working model. Because we handle numerous working models for use with electrical appliances and communications equipment, we work side-by-side with clients who invite us to take part in the new product creation process. We create both design models and working models by capitalizing on our extensive experience and track record.

Production of working models

Small-lot manufacture of appliances and communications equipment

One business that has been growing dramatically at our company is the production of working models for electrical appliances and communications equipment. We receive an especially large number of orders to produce working models for mobile phones and computers. We are happy to note that our customers rate us highly for our advanced manufacturing technologies.

Manufacture of various types of mechanical parts, as well as housing units

We imaginatively meet our customer requests for products other than appliances and communications equipment. We listen to your diverse requests and preferences as to materials, size, and delivery period, and do our best to propose optimal plans.