Other small-lot products

We also handle small-lot products. Consult us for everything, from the manufacture of design models to actual products.

Small-lot productsWe accept orders even for small-lot products. Besides general household appliances, we also handle numerous experimental devices and display items. In the coating department, we possess high-quality coating technologies, so we are able to re-create the outward appearance and color tones that the customers have in mind, and even to come up with items that are even more beautiful than the actual product. We are willing to create unusual products that have no precedent: simply consult with us, and we will gladly propose methods that are the most efficient for the customer.

Production of other parts

Manufacture of experimental devices and display items

Our main line of business is the manufacture of design models for general household appliances, cars, and aircraft, as well as the manufacture of parts and products. Other than these, we handle a broad range of items, including products in specific areas. We flexibly respond to customers’ requests to produce models for experimental devices and display items, for example.

Various types of color samples, etc.

Having a specialized coating department, we are extremely fastidious about color, never compromising or accepting second best. Our coating experts work inside a dedicated coating room to faithfully re-create the color that the customers want, ranging from general coatings to special and mirror coatings.