Production of design models

Our professional design model production team gives ideal shape to your unique ideas and sensibilities

Design modelsDesign models, or mockups, are items that are produced before cars and appliances are released onto the market as products. Because these models determine the future of a product, and thus are extremely important, clients are often extremely demanding when it comes to the production of design models. Successfully meeting these demands requires both experience and advanced technology. Our company’s technicians make dedicated efforts to faithfully translate the client’s concept, down to the finest detail, including color, shape and texture, into reality. Some customers come to us since they were not quite satisfied with the model that another company had created; others demand that we raise the level of quality to the utmost. We listen understandingly to all types of requests such as these, and focus on delivering exactly the right product. Feel free to call us for more information.

Production of design models

Production of design models for cars

Japan’s car manufacturers are ranked among the best in the world, never compromising or settling for second best. We feel that the fastidiousness of their designers when it comes to straight lines, curved lines, color, and luster, is what lifts these companies to the top of the global rankings. Our technical staff takes on the thoughts of these designers and delivers them in three dimensions.

Production of design models for general household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, clothing irons, and much more

We manufacture design models that faithfully display, in three dimensions, the ideas of designers, from large-scale refrigerators to large- and medium-scale items such as washing machines and microwave ovens, to small products such as clothing irons. Along with our aircraft and automobile departments, this is a sector in which we are receiving a growing number of requests to produce design models.

Production of design models for communications equipment (mobile phones, etc.) and computers (laptop computers, etc.)

Sales of mobile phones, personal computers and other mobile equipment continue to grow with dramatic momentum. Manufacturers frequently develop new products and update old models to keep up with the fierce competition. Many of these companies ask us to produce design models when they develop products such as communications equipment and personal computers. Production of design models relating to computers, in particular, has increased sharply in the past few years.